Aircraft for film and TV - Leonardo da Vinci Glider Leonardo da Vinci Flying Day

Historic aircraft or replicas, both flying and static, are often required for use in film and television productions. Our aircraft have featured in the following projects :

  • Channel 4 (2009)

Loan of items used as props in a documentary about WW1 pilots.

  • Flyboys Films Ltd. (2006)

Provision of instruments etc. manufacture of props and authentic replica WW1 parts for film 'Flyboys'.

  • Leonardo da Vinci Glider (2003)

In June 2002 Skysport were commissioned by ITN Factual to participate in a
programme in which they had to design and build a full size, flying, Leonardo
da Vinci glider. This was achieved using only his original sketches and materials which would have been available at the time (circa 1500). Numerous flights were made in October and December 2002. The programme “Leonardo’s Dream Machines” was shown on Channel 4 in February 2003.

  • Lancaster Rear Fuselage (2001)

An Avro Lancaster rear fuselage section was supplied by Skysport to the BBC for use in filming the WW2 drama “Night Flight” starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Plummer.

  • Plane Crazy (1999)

Proprietor Tim Moore and Skysport projects featured in a programme of the
Series “Plane Crazy” made by the Discovery Channel.

  • Classic Aircraft (1998)

The Skysport Vickers Viscount featured in the Channel 4 programme “Classic Aircraft”

  • “Big Dish” Video (1992)

Miles Falcon G-AEEG was transported by road to Dungeness beach where it was used in the filming of a pop video.

  • Harry Enfield TV Show (1991)

A mock up of a Spitfire nose section was made for the “Harry Enfield Show”.

  • Westland Wallace Replica (1987 – 1989)

The design and manufacture of a full size, flying, replica of the Westland Wallace was begun for a planned feature film about the 1st flight over Everest.
Funding ceased in 1989 and the project is in storage awaiting possible continuation.

  • The Great Egg Race (1985)

A team from Skysport took part in the popular television show.

  • Biggles Feature Film (1984/5)

Fixed wing aircraft were supplied and operated (48 hours flying) for the film “Biggles”. A full size static Sopwith Pup replica was also manufactured for special effects in the film.


Skysport have been involved in a
number of aviation celebration/
anniversary events. Some of which are:

Historic Aircraft for Film and TV Productions
Bleriot XI
  • Freddie March Memorial Trophy (2010)

Won by Hawker Demon G-BTVE at Goodwood Revival.

  • Proprietor Tim Moore awarded the Conrod Trophy by the Historic Aircraft Association

"The award was made in recognition of close to three decades of aircraft restored by Tim and his team, which has since 1982, seen more than sixty rare and historic aircraft emerge from the Skysports Engineering workshops."

  • Bristol 100 Celebration at Filton (2010)

Dismantle and reassemble Bristol Bulldog G-ABBB, on loan from RAFM Hendon, at Airbus Industries in Filton to celebrate the centenary of Bristol's.

  • Bristol Fighters F2b (2006)

Operation of two of the three aircraft in unique flying displays. See a video clip of the Bristol Fighters in flight. Click Here

  • Avro Avian VH-UFZ (1998)

Avro Avian VH-UFZ was seriously damaged in a crash 9 weeks before it was due to re-enact Bert Hinklers England to Australia solo flight of 1928. Skysport was the leading contributor in a team of companies that almost totally rebuilt the airframe in 8 1/2 weeks. It set off from Farnborough as per its original schedule and made the trip from England to Australia.

  • Vickers Vimy Replica NX71MY (1996)

Skysport Engineering carried out repairs and maintenance of the Vickers Vimy replica during the summer of 1996.

  • Tiger Moth VH-HPH (1990)

Tiger Moth VH-HPH broke a wing spar prior to a UK to Australia celebratory flight. Skysport manufactured a replacement in quick time, at very short notice, so that the flight could go ahead.

  • Bleriot XI G-AVXY (1989)

Skysport were involved in the preparation and operation of an 80th anniversary cross Channel flight, organised by Louis Bleriots’ grandson. An original (including the 25HP engine) Bleriot XI was used in the attempt. The aircraft was forced to ditch about 1 mile from Dover due to engine problems. The pilot was uninjured and the aircraft was recovered from the Channel. It was later rebuilt to airworthy condition. This was a very high profile and celebrated re-enactment at the time, sponsored by the Daily Mail.

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