"SKYSPORT exists to undertake the more 'off-beat' and 'taxing' projects"

Proprietor Tim Moore started full time aviation employment in 1976 with Personal Plane Services. He became a sole trader from January 1980 until July 1982, building and restoring historic light aircraft.

Skysport Engineering was formed with partner Catherine O’Brien (Dec’d 1987) in July 1982. Tim Moore has carried on with the business as sole proprietor to the present day.

Skysport consists of 6 full time engineers, an administrator and the proprietor. All engineers have gained extensive experience with the varied tasks the company has undertaken over the years. All have in excess of 20 years with the company, 2 since the mid 1980’s. The high standard of work reflects the qualities and virtues that this long established unit of dedicated engineers has acquired.

The company is rurally based near Sandy in Bedfordshire, with a 9,000 sq ft workshop area and a 700-metre airfield facility. Engineering in wood and metal is undertaken on site. This is complimented by lifting equipment with a 10-ton capacity and various other plant/machinery connected with the movement of wide loads, in particular airframes.

Skysport has worked repeatedly for many UK National Museums and establishments with aviation or industrial connections, plus a number at locations worldwide. Although a small and traditional company, Skysport has to be regarded as the leader in this field with a comprehensive attention to detail commercially unsurpassed anywhere.

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