aircraft suspension for museums Hurricane IV

We provide a aircraft suspension service for static exhibits at museums or any suitable location. We can design and manufacture the relevant fittings or just consult. We can also transport aeroplanes by road. Some of the projects we have been involved in are:

  • FW Stieglitz G-STIG (2010)

Dismantled and crated for export to America.

  • Vickers Viscount (2006)

Consultation regarding removal and transportation.

  • F2b (2006)

Dismantle and crate for export to New Zealand.

  • Bucker Jungmeister G-AYSJ (2006)

Dismantled and crated for export.

  • B25 Mitchell, N7614C (2002)

The primary suspension mountings were manufactured for the hanging of the B25 in the American Air Museum at IWM Duxford.

  • Douglas C47 Dakota, 43-15509 (2002)

The majority of the aircraft suspension mounting work was carried out for the hanging of the C47 in the American Air Museum at IWM Duxford.

  • Spitfire IX, ML427 (2000)

The Spitfire was dismantled and transported by road from Birmingham to Skysports Bedfordshire base. Here it was refurbished then relocated in Birmingham and re-assembled. Suspension fittings had been designed, manufactured and fitted by Skysport. The aircraft was suspended on display at the ‘Think Tank’ in Birmingham.

  • Hurricane IV, KX829 (2000)

The Hurricane was dismantled and relocated, by road, in Birmingham. We designed, manufactured and fitted the suspension brackets. After re-assembly the aircraft was suspended for display at the ‘Think Tank’ in Birmingham.

  • Shorts SC1, XG900 (2000)

The aeroplane suspension brackets were manufactured and fitted by Skysport. The aircraft is now hanging on display at the Science Museum, London.

  • Lockheed Electra L10, N5171N (1999)

We dismantled the Electra at the Science Museum, Wroughton. It was transported on a purpose built tilting frame to our base. Suspension fittings were manufactured and Renovation work carried out. After a ‘wide load’ move to London the aeroplane was re-assembled and suspended in the Science Museum, London.

Lockheed Electra
  • Vickers Viscount 708, F-BGNR (1997)

After being dismantled at Perth in Scotland, the Viscount was transported to Skysports Bedfordshire base, where it is in storage.

  • HP Herald, G-CEXP (1996)

Following preparation for display Skysport acted as consultants in the lifting of the Herald for display, on the 100 ft high terminal roof, at Gatwick Airport.

DH Comet Nose
  • DH Comet Nose, G-AMXA (1995)

Skysport supplied and restored the Comet cockpit section for display on the terminal roof at Gatwick Airport. The Comet nose was transported from our Bedfordshire base and we acted as consultants for the lift onto the 100ft high roof.

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