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We currently have the following vintage aircraft parts for sale. Contact us for further information. All sales are subject to VAT.

RANGER 6-440 C5 200HP. Engine overhauled 1978 and has been in dry storage since. Test run only (3 hours). Log book available.

TIGER MOTH SPARS. New manufacture upper main plane spars for DH 82a Tiger Moth part Nos H34737 front port, H34738 front starboard, H34356 rear port, H34357, rear starboard. All with JAA Form 1 release certificates.
£1 ,500 each.

SPITFIRE MAIN UNDERCARRIAGE. Poor condition. No axles. From £75 per pair. Static only.

LUFTWAFFE GROUND GENERATOR. Horizontally opposed twin cylinder air cooled engine. Good original condition. Original markings visible. Believed to be connected with the operation of ME 262 Jets.

HAWKER BIPLANE FUSELAGE. AVAILABLE. Hawker biplane fuselage project.
Open to offers.

TIGER MOTH LOWER PORT MAINPLANE. Lower port main plane with aileron, recently overhauled and recovered in Ceconite.

5 Original stainless steel undercarriage up locks. Probably serviceable

ALVIS LEONIDES. 3 Alvis Leonides radial engines. 2-off 540hp 12500 series from Sea Prince with logs. 1-off 640hp Mk138 from Twin Pioneer no logs.
£7,500 for all 3.

DC-3 AIRFRAME SPARES. Large quantity of airframe spares available.

We also have various other items for sale from time to time including Hardware, Magnetos, Instruments etc,

We are also able to supply Aircraft Grade Wood, Steel and Aluminium products.

All of the above are subject to VAT at the current rate.

aircraft parts for sale
Ranger 6-440 C5 Engine

Hawker Biplane





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