Comet nose display Comet Nose

Over the years, Skysport Engineering has carried out renovations to many historic aircraft in order to prepare them for static display in museums. Shown below is a list of the vintage aircraft that have been restored to display condition:


  • Comper Swift, G-ACGL (current)

Ongoing restoration of Alex Henshaw's Comper Swift

Comper Swift
  • Percival Prentice , G-AOLK (2009)

Purchase of a/c and delivery to Cosford for RAFM. Now on static display.

  • Sopwith Dolphin, D5329 (2009)

Manufacture of components for RAFM. One set of wing spars, one set of wing ribs, one set of ailerons complete and refurbishment of flying wires.

  • Comet Nose (2006)

Renovation for museum display at The Museum of Aviation Sharjah, U.A.E.

  • Hucks Starter (2006)

Commisioned by the RAF museum to enhance their display. A fully functional example restored/manufactured. Used to start WWI planes. See it in action

  • Miles Mohawk G-AKEW (2005)

Wing repairs for RAF museum, Hendon.

  • Prat & Whitney 1830 Engine (2004)

A fully sectioned, motorised exhibit was supplied/prepared by Skysport for The Museum of Aviation Sharjah, U.A.E.

  • Wright Flyer (2004)

Renovation of control panels for the Ulster Folk Museum.

  • Airspeed Ambassador, G-ALZO (2003)

The tailplane, undercarriage and fin were renovated for DAS Trading at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

  • DH Mosquito Prototype Tailplane, W4050 (2003)

The tailplane of the prototype Mosquito was restored for the DH Mosquito Museum.

  • B25 Mitchell, N7614C (2002)

The primary suspension mountings were made for the hanging of the B25 in the American Air Museum at I.W.M. Duxford.

  • Douglas C47 Dakota, 43-15509 (2002)

Most of the suspension mounting work was carried out for the hanging of the C47 in the American Air Museum at I.W.M. Duxford.

  • Miles Mohawk Fuselage, G-AKEW (2002)

The fuselage and centre section of Charles Lindberg’s Miles Mohawk were restored for the RAF Museum, Hendon.

  • Pratt & Whitney Engine For B24 Liberator, 44-51228 (2002)

One of the engine powerplant assemblies for the B24 Liberator was renovated for the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

  • Soyuz Space Capsule (2001)

A Soyuz space capsule was cosmetically refurbished for the National Space Museum at Leicester.

  • Spitfire IX, ML427 (2000)

The Spitfire IX was refurbished and re-painted. It was also moved by road to a new location. Suspension fittings were designed and manufactured. The Spitfire was then suspended at the Birmingham ‘Think Tank’ complex.

Spitfire IX
  • Hurricane IV, KX829 (2000)

The Hurricane was dismantled and moved across Birmingham. Suspension fittings were designed and made. The aircraft was re-assembled and suspended at the Birmingham ‘Think Tank’ complex.

  • DH Mosquito FB VI Fuselage, TA122 (2000)

Repairs were carried out to the fuselage of the Mosquito. It was then fabriced. This work was done for the DH Mosquito Museum.

  • Lockheed Electra L10, N5171N (1999)

Minor renovation work was carried out on the Electra and the aluminium skin polished. Suspension fittings were manufactured and a wide load move to London was made. The aircraft was suspended in the new Welcome Wing of the Science Museum, London.

Bristol Bulldog
  • Bristol Bulldog, G-ABBB/K2227 (1999)

The Bristol Bulldog had a total rebuild for static display. The aircraft was ‘reborn’ following its crash at the S.B.A.C. Farnborough Air Show on 13/9/64. The Bulldog now resides at the RAF Museum, Hendon.

  • AS Viper & Gipsy Engine Display (1998)

A Viper and Gipsy engine were prepared for display in the Taiwan Industrial Museum.

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