Sopwith Camel

Over the years, Skysport Engineering has carried out renovations to many historic aircraft in order to prepare them for static display in museums. Shown below is a list of the vintage aircraft that have been restored to display condition:


  • Poll Giant Triplane Wheel (1994)

Restoration work was carried out on a wheel from the WWI Poll Giant Triplane. The wheel is about 8 ft diameter and made solely from wood. It is on display at the Manchester Science Museum.

  • Westland Wallace, K6035 (1993)

The Wallace was restored to static condition for the RAF Museum at Hendon. It is such a large biplane that at present no wings have been produced for the exhibit. The Wallace, as a type, was the first aeroplane to fly over Everest in 1933

  • DH 84 Dragon, G-ACIT (1993)

Airframe restored to airworthy condition, although it does not fly, for the Science Museum at Wroughton.

  • Bleriot Centre Fuselage Section (1992)

A centre fuselage section of a Bleriot XI was supplied and prepared for display at the Science Museum, London.

  • Cessna 150, G-AWAW (1991)

Prepared as an interactive exhibit for the Science Museum, London.

  • Guy Gibson/Jim Warrick Mosquito Wreckage (1991)

A piece of the wreckage from the Mosquito flown by Guy Gibson and Jim Warrick was put in display condition for the Steenburgen Municipal Museum, Holland.

  • Bristol Fighter F2b, Be/66 (1989)

Although this Weston on the Green Brisfit was restored for Aero Vintage, the end customer was the Brussels Musee de l’Armee. This is where the aeroplane is displayed

Bristol Fighter F2b
  • Sopwith Camel, N6812 (1988)

The renowned Camel flown by Culley was restored and returned to the configuration of Culley. This was the Ships Camel or 2F1. The aircraft hangs on display at the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth.

  • RAF BE2c, 2699 (1988)

Detail improvements were carried out on the Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c that is now suspended in the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth.

  • RAF SE5a, G-EBIB/F938 (1988)

Some detail work was commissioned by the Science Museum, London

  • 80hp Le Rhone Rotary Engine (1987)

The Le Rhone was supplied and restored for the Donnington Park Raceway Museum.

  • HP Gugnunc Flying Surfaces, G-AACN (1986)

A restoration/overhaul was carried out on the Gugnunc flying surfaces foe the Science Museum, Wroughton.

  • Bristol Fighter F2b, E2581 (1984)

Renovated for the Imperial War Museum this Bristol Fighter is on show at Duxford.

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